Paying tax underpayments via tax code

One of the less well-known ways of paying your Self-Assessment tax bill is to do so through your tax code.

This can only be done where all the following apply:

you owe a Self-Assessment balancing payment of less than £3,000;
you already pay tax

Car fuel benefits for employees

The car fuel benefit rules only apply to company cars that attract a car benefit tax charge. This means the rules do not apply to fuel provided for use in an employee’s own car.

However, employers can pay up to 45p per mile for company related trips

Option to tax (VAT) land and buildings

There are special VAT rules that allow businesses to standard rate the supply of most non-residential and commercial land and buildings (known as the option to tax). This means that subsequent supplies by the person making the option to tax will be

Challenging your council tax band

The Valuation Office Agency (VOA) is a government body in England and Wales and an executive agency of HMRC. The Agency values properties for the purpose of Council Tax and for non-domestic rates in England and Wales. The council tax bands were set

Don’t miss out on this tax allowance

HMRC is using Valentine’s Day to issue a reminder to married couples and those in civil partnerships to sign up for the marriage allowance – if they are eligible and haven’t yet done so.

The marriage allowance applies to married couples and those in