VAT group registration

There are special VAT rules that allow two or more corporate bodies to be treated as a single taxable person for VAT purposes. This is known as a VAT group. Eligible persons are bodies corporate, individuals, partnerships and Scottish partnerships,

Steps to modernise UK tax system

At the Autumn Budget 2021, it was announced that there would be a dedicated day this Autumn where the government would set out further plans to continue building a modern, simple and effective tax system. This ‘day’ was on 30 November 2021, and

Government agrees OTS recommendations

The Office of Tax Simplification (OTS) was established in July 2010, to provide advice to the Chancellor of the Exchequer on simplifying the UK tax system. The Financial Secretary to the Treasury has recently written an extensive letter to the OTS

60 days is better than 30 days

The deadline for paying any Capital Gains Tax (CGT) due on the sale of a residential property is now 60 days. The previous 30-day limit was replaced as part of the Autumn Budget measures in October and the change came into effect on the day of the

Plug-in grants for electric vehicles

The low-emission vehicles plug-in grant can help you save up to £2,500 on the purchase price of new low-emission vehicles. The scheme was first launched in 2011 and is available across the UK with dealers using the grant towards the price of eligible

Claiming tax relief for working from home

Employees working from home may be able to claim tax relief for certain home-related bills they pay that are related to your work.

Employers may reimburse employees for the additional household expenses incurred through regularly working at home.